Scalable API architecture for modern eCommerce

Connecting frontends and backend services with one extensible + open source middleware to provide a fully integrated and MACH embracing eCommerce architecture.


Solved by fronnt
Monoliths are evil.
Although modern technologies are used, most eCommerce systems still tend to become monoliths – either on the frontend side or the backend side.
fronnt completely hides backend services behind a standardized, yet highly extensible interface. This allows you to change either backend services or frontends to you likings.
Exchanging backend services is hard.
Exchanging existing backend services normally means work on the frontend code as well, because of of the multitude of vendor APIs.
fronnt's standardized yet highly customizable API allows to exchange backend services without touching your frontend code.
Vendor lock-in for eCommerce frontends.
Because almost every eCommerce system comes with a storefront implementation, projects run the risk of vendor lock-in.
fronnt doesn't make any assumptions about your frontend implementation. It would even be totally valid to let fronnt serve different touchpoints.
Implementing custom use cases is hard.
Custom use cases are often hard to implement, because the application data schema has to be extended. This normally forces you to implement plugins or modules for your eCommerce system, which in turn usually ties you even more to the eCommerce system.
fronnt's aim is to reduce the hassle of implementing custom use cases by letting you extend the eCommerce data schema.
Maintenance of unused features.
Integrating with an eCommerce system often means, that you have to maintain all features that come with the eCommerce system, even though you might not use them.
fronnt doesn't force you to implement all use cases of the schema. In fact, none of the queries and mutations are implemented by default.
Scaling of APIs is not easy with every eCommerce system.
Depending of the underlying eCommerce system, it might be not that easy to scale the API layer efficiently.
As a separate and independant API layer, fronnt can be easily scaled. You can even implement different scaling strategies for different parts of your data fetching layer.


Standarized, yet highly flexible

Nearly every eCommerce project sooner or later requires custom integration or implemenation of custom use cases, it's crucial that the API architecture is flexible and customizable.

fronnt architecture


Plug + Play + Extend

Extend eCommerce schema by the use of pre-build extensible connectors for major eCommerce systems or build your own.

Some eCommerce System
Another shop system
Something homebrew

PWA Storefront

Looking for a demo?

fronnt is our reference implementation of an eCommerce PWA, which showcases best practices and demonstrates how to integrate fronnt.

It'll be based on Nuxt.js and Vue.js and will be free to use in personal and commercial projects.



Cloud hosting

Use our affordable cloud hosting and deployment service with auto scaling or host on premise.

Hosting fronnt is as easily as hosting any other Node.js application.